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about aso mindfulness

aso mindfulness is the brand name created by Agnes.
aso is the abbreviation of Agnes So. mindfulness means to remember.

In Buddhism, there are two main mental factors - Alertness and Mindfulness. (Alertness is to alert that the mind starts wandering away, then use Mindfulness to refocus on the object or action)

These two mental factors are the antidotes to mental laxity and forgetfulness. Therefore, it is beneficial for us to have training on this.

Agnes enjoys applying Buddhist philosophy to her busy daily life as a slashy:
Yoga teacher / spiritual worker / wholesaler / illustrator / website designer / dharma student / + (
more merely labelled identity to discover)

the path

Agnes first stepped on a yoga mat in March 2015. Since then, she fell in love with tranquillity and enjoyed every class as a way to discover her mind. As much as she looked inward, Agnes found the world could be much better. She practices various types of Yoga such as Traditional Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin-Yang, Restorative, Chair, Wheel and Kundalini.

Agnes started energy healing in 2019 and sound therapy in 2020. She also loves to resolve world mysteries with the Chinese metaphysic - Qimen Dunjia. But, Tibetan Buddhism teaches her to be more ration and reason the mysteries.

Furthermore, Agnes is always enthusiastic about learning and trying new things.

Contact Agnes to discover more.

continue education

May 2022, Discovering Buddhism (studying)

October 2021, Exploring Buddhism (studying)

August 2021, Spiritual Response Therapy Intensive Skill Class

August 2021, Karuna Reiki Master Class

April 2021, Advanced Taoism Moon Calendar Qimen Dunjia Divination Class

October 2020, 95 hours Children's Yoga Teacher Training

October 2020, 85 hours Mindfulness Yin Yang Teacher Training

July 2020, Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Class

February 2020, Himalayan Singing Bowl Healing and Sound Performer Class

January 2020, 500 hours of Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

December 2019, Level 2 Akashic Records Reading Class

December 2019, Advanced Spiritual Response Therapy Class

November 2019, Reiki 1 & 2 Class

♁ April 2019, Professional Diploma in Applied Psychology