why do we need spiritual healing?

There are six consciousnesses. Five sensories plus mental consciousness. All the negative emotions are from the thinking pattern related to the three afflictions (aversion, attachment and ignorance) and the grasping for the absolute truth.

When these negative emotions become a habitual pattern and are overpowerful, they will become the seed in the mental consciousness and perhaps become an imprint to carry to the next life.

Different forms of spiritual healing are to clear the negative emotions, imprints and seeds in a different approach.

Let us help you with the following approach.

Usui Reiki Healing

Negative energies will cause blood and air blockage in the body. It will lead to muscle pains, suffering in illness and organ dysfunction.

Usui Reiki is a Japanese Style alternative healing technique found by Usui Mikao, a Shinto monk. It uses the cosmic energy around us to repair the patient's weakened body or damaged Aura.

Usui Reiki works well with all kinds of medication. Taking a session before any medical treatment will increase the benefits and reduce all side effects. It also reminds us to live a healthier lifestyle and enhance our vitality and braveness. Bring us a balancing emotional self to identify all our bad habits.

Charges for a private 1:1 session:

30 minutes £50.0045 minutes £66.0060 minutes £80.00

Himalayan Singing Bowls Therapy

The stress-relieving and body-rejuvenating Himalayan Singing Bowls are an ancient Shamanism technique to stimulate the body's liquids through their sounds and vibration, which help mental and psychological ailments.

Different mallets will produce diverse sounds and vibrations that deliver deep relaxation, balance the seven chakras, and lead the seven bodies into a sleeping state. It is the most beneficial status for clearing the blockages in body liquid and balancing the energy in our seven bodies.

Charges for a private 1:1 session:

60 minutes £66.0090 minutes £90.00

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Qimen Dunjia - Chinese metaphysic

Qimen Dunjia is an ancient Chinese divination tool empowered by Jiutian Xuannu (the fairy from the ninth heaven) known as Athena in Greek Mythology.

Qimen was a military management system originally for Yellow Emperor to fight against Chiyou. That also helped lots of famous Generals to win the game like Zhuge Liang captures arrows with Boats.

Qimen became one of the well-known Fengshui techniques nowadays. Applies widely in different areas like working, studying, attracting money, partners. You even can manifest anything you want when you believe it.

Charges for a private 1:1 session:
30 minutes £69.0045 minutes £87.0060 minutes £95.00

Akashic Records Readings

Akashic Records is to check the imprint and negative emotions stored in past lives. By accessing the record, we see a clearer picture of the event and know the cause.

Akashic Records is also called the Book of Life in the Bible. It promotes everyone has free will to choose how they live their lives. No absolute right nor wrong, only have good and better. Akashic Records keepers have clairvoyance and always bring us clarity, guidance and wisdom.

Charges for a private 1:1 session:

30 minutes £53.0045 minutes £60.0060 minutes £75.00

Tarot & Oracle Cards Reading

"Tarot Cards Provide Doorways to the Unconscious, and Maybe a Way to Predict the Future"

- Carl Jung, Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, 1961

The answers from Tarot and Oracle cards are always very straightforward. With these lovely cards, you do not have to hesitate anymore. Just spread your wings and fly up high.

Charges for a private 1:1 session:
30 minutes £33.00
45 minutes £55.0060 minutes £77.00

Spiritual Response Therapy

A powerful technique to help release trauma and limitation that our souls learnt during each incarnation.

SRT uses a pendulum, a set designated charge by Robert Detzler and the ideomotor response (a muscle movement from the subconscious mind) to display answers. SRT can accurately locate the discordant energy and negative emotional blocks from both physical and spiritual levels. In SRT, only love has the highest outcome.

Charges for a private 1:1 session:
60 minutes £70.0090 minutes £100.00


There are thousands of self-healing methods. But never forget Pranayama and Meditation are the easiest and most effective.

Pranayama means expanding life force energy, while mediation is a non-judging self-observation.

Practising Pranayama and Meditation helps readjust our body, mind and spirit with mindfulness. Tune the three parts of the body back to the correct alignment. So that we speak what we think, we love as our hearts do.

Guided Pranayama

Guided Pranayama

प्राणायाम Pranayama is a Sanskrit word means of expanding our life force energy.

By constant breathing mindfully, we can dive deeper into our subconsciousness and live more energetically.

Charges for a private 1:1 session
30 minutes £8.0045 minutes £10.0060 minutes £15.00

Guided Pranayama

Meditation is an essential technique for everyone who wishes to reconnect with their inner selves.

During Meditation, practitioners are asked not to judge any thought that arose naturally but to acknowledge it and learn to let go of it. Meditation allows practitioners to return to a state of tranquillity.

30 minutes £8.0045 minutes £10.0060 minutes £15.00