What is Singing Bowls

Traditionally, Singing Bowls are made of seven metals as a set of powerful tools to stimulate the body liquids for healing, massaging, dispelling discordant energy, meditation and self-transformation purposes.

Singing Bowls Therapy has been helpful for various mental and psychological ailments such as migraines, anxiety, depression, and physical and muscle aches.

Using different mallets will produce various sounds and vibrations that can provide deep relaxation and balance the seven chakras and lead the seven bodies into a sleeping state. It is the most beneficial status for clearing the blockages in body liquid and balancing the energy in our seven bodies.

If you love the video, why not book a session?

Charges for a private 1:1 session:

60 minutes £66.0090 minutes £90.00

Course Details

Meet the Teacher

Agnes So is a registered Karuna Reiki Master with the International Center of Reiki Training and registered yoga teacher and continuing education provider with Yoga Alliance US. She is also sensitive to energy and clairvoyance to past and future events. She has gone through the training from Master Shree Krishna Shahi in February 2020.

Course Structure

If you are a registered Yoga Teacher of Yoga Alliance US, you can claim your learning hours from this 15 hours accredited course.

Theory - 3 hours (Online)
Self Study - 2 hours
Practice and Techniques - 7 hours (In-person)
Self Practice - 3 hours

Course Fee

£450 per person (10% off for you and your friends if you register for the course together)

Buy your own set

As a partner of the sourcing one from Nepal. aso mindfulness can help you order hand-made singing bowls directly from Nepal and ship them to your designated address.

The 7 chakras full moon bowls set £735 per set, includes:

Singing Bowls x7
Cushions x7
Red felt drum sticks x2
Black leather mallets x2
Signing Bowls Bag x1
Plain Tingsha x1
Tinghsa Bag x1

Excludes shipping fee~

Please check with us for more details.

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