✦ Privacy

aso mindfulness fully understands how privacy is important to an individual. We are dedicated to guarding your data and situation.

All clients data are stored securely in aso mindfulness database. Only Agnes has the access right to edit and view.

We will not transfer on or trade or by any means publish our clients’ information or email addresses to any 3rd parties. We collect your name, surname, telephone number and email address for services arrangement only. We will send appointment reminders and notifications of any cancellations or rescheduling due to unforeseeable circumstances.

  • asomindfulness does not provide newsletters through email nor any promotion.

  • You have the right to view and edit what information we have on you and the right to request deleting.

▣ Cookies

www.asomindfulness.com is built by google sites. aso mindfulness' website does not have any sign-in function nor remembering your site preferences. In case of any cookies requests, they are all from the google site.

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