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Terms and Conditions


All prices displayed include VAT. Advanced payment is a must.

Payment Methods

Within the UK: Only advanced Bank Transfer is accepted.

Outside the UK: Please check with us to see how we can work out.

Advance payments

We will only approve your service request when you pay in full during booking through the above payment methods: no advance payment, no appointments. If a client has previously shown unreliable, we will not provide any service again.

Booking Channels

Please send us a message through WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or Email.


  • Booking greater than 24 hours are eligible for a refund, but there will be a 5% administration fee deduction.

  • Bookings within 24 hours are eligible for one-time rescheduling but no refund.

  • If you have paid a deposit to secure a place for one of our courses, the deposit is non-refundable. We will not refund your money.

  • You do not have the right to ask for a refund once you have received the service or taken the class.

Distance Services

For Distance Services booked on the same day of your appointment, you should pay before the talk.

Distance Services Request from abroad

When booking a Distance Services Request from abroad, whether the appointment is for the same day or a later date, full payment is a must at the booking time. aso mindfulness will try offering the best time for overseas clients between the operating hours (08:00-20:00 London local time).

If you arrive late, you might be given a shorter reading. Example: If you arrive more than 30 minutes late, we will only give you 30 minutes service. aso mindfulness under no obligation to compensate your late. For sure, there is no refund.

In-person Services

If you agree to an additional cost, you may send us a message through WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or Email. However, we do not offer online booking to state the below:

Last Name:

First Name:

Telephone Number:

Location Postcode:

After receiving these, we will contact you and know how much the additional cost is.

Bookings, changing or cancelling appointments

To book or change or cancel an appointment, you should give us a call or send us a message through WhatsApp, Facebook or Email at least 4 hours in advance. For cancellation, refer to the above.

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